Our Testimonials.

The Owenby’s

Chuck received a surprising diagnosis of a brain tumor as a result of a routine visit to the ENT for an earache. Chuck’s wife Sherri developed a large synovial cyst causing her debilitating back pain. Both Chuck and Sherri entrusted neurosurgeon, Christopher Storey, MD, PhD at Nashville Neurosurgery Associates with their surgical care. This is their story.

Charlie Spradley

Charlie Joe came to Dr. Ulm after diagnosis and unsuccessful treatment of his hemifacial spasms. After meeting and discussing his options with Dr. Ulm, Charlie Joe and his wife, Jane, decided he should have Microvascular Decompression Surgery, the only known permanent treatment for hemifacial spasm. Since surgery, Charlie Joe has been spasm free.

Alex Gordon

Alex was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor behind her optic nerve. Dr. Franklin performed surgery to remove her tumor, and she has returned to her normal life!

Mark Emkes

Former Bridgestone Americas CEO Mark Emkes shares his experience with Dr. Ulm after shooting pain down his left arm became unbearable. Dr. Ulm performed surgery to repair his collapsed discs in his neck and has felt like new since!

Maurice Dalton

Maurice suffered from excruciating pain radiating down his legs for four years. Dr. Ulm performed lumbar fusion surgery after they tried non-surgical care for his pain. Now his life is back to normal!

Fred Johnson

After going through pain management, Fred was referred to Dr. Ulm by another doctor. In just one week after his surgery, he was able to stop his pain medication and has been pain free since!

David Mrozinski

David suffered from low back pain for seven years. Finally, he had enough and decided to see Dr. Ulm, who performed lumbar fusion for David’s pain. He has returned to an active lifestyle running and playing golf since his surgery!

Carter Harkins

Carter had severe lumbar back pain and radiating pain down his legs. One day when he couldn’t feel his legs, he went to the hospital where he was diagnosed with severe spinal occlusion. Dr. Mericle performed spinal surgery to repair Carter’s spine. He has since returned to his normal activities!

Evelyn Triplett

Evelyn had neurological symptoms that led her to the hospital one day after work. There, Dr. Mericle performed surgery to place stents to open her blocked arteries after her stroke.

Gena Burden

Gena suffered from trigeminal neuralgia for seven years, experiencing intense pain in her face. After hearing about Dr. Mericle’s expertise in treatment of trigeminal neuralgia, Gena scheduled an appointment. Dr. Mericle performed surgery, and Gena has been pain free since.

Pat Dycus

Pat is a patient of Dr. Mericle who was suffering from trigeminal neuralgia. After experiencing severe facial pain, Pat made an appointment with Dr. Mericle, who performed her surgery. She has been pain free since.

Barbara White

Barbara is a patient of Dr. Franklin who was suffering from brain aneurysm. When her aneurysm ruptured, Dr. Franklin performed surgery to repair it.

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