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Arthur Ulm
Arthur UlmMD
A native of Alabama, Dr. Ulm graduated from Auburn University and subsequently obtained his medical degree from the University of Alabama, School of Medicine in 1999. Dr. Ulm completed neurosurgery residency at the University of Florida, as well as additional fellowship training in Microsurgical Anatomy under the tutelage of world-renowned, Dr. Albert Rhoton. Dr.
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Khan Li
Khan LiMD
Dr. Li has specialized interests in minimally invasive spine surgery, cervical spine surgery, and the treatment of brain tumors. He was born and raised in the Washington D.C. area. He completed his undergraduate education at Harvard College and medical school at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Following medical school, Dr. Li stayed at Johns Hopkins…
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Rex Arendall
Rex ArendallMD
Dr. Rex Arendall completed medical school at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in Nashville, Tennessee graduating with honors as a member of Alpha Omega Alpha, a national medical honor society founded in 1902 to promote and recognize excellence in the medical profession. AOA’s values include honest, honorable conduct, morality, virtue, unselfishness, ethical ideals…
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William Schooley
William SchooleyMD
Dr. William Schooley completed medical school at the University of Alabama School of Medicine at Birmingham before transitioning to Tulane University to complete his Neurological Surgery Residency. Dr. Schooley has been Board Certified by the American Board of Neurological Surgery since 2002 and has practiced at Nashville Neurosurgery Associates since 1994. Specializing in General Neurosurgery with a focus on treating…
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Robert Mericle
Robert MericleMD
A graduate of Vanderbilt University, Dr. Mericle has treated thousands of neurosurgery patients over the past two decades. In addition to treating patients at Nashville Neurosurgery Associates, Dr. Mericle continues to teach dozens of physicians across the United States, having personally trained more than 15 fellows in vascular neurosurgery and neurointerventional surgery at Vanderbilt University and the University of Florida.
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Robbi Franklin
Robbi FranklinMD
Neurosurgery is something that Dr. Franklin takes very personally. His younger brother suffered a brain injury when they were both quite young. As a result, Dr. Franklin became extremely interested in the complex nature of the brain, even as a teenager. He continued that interest through college and pursued neurosurgery as a career. Now, he takes great pride in helping patients…
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Karl Sillay
Karl SillayMD
Dr. Karl Sillay is a board-certified physician in Neurological Surgery. He brings over a decade of experience in the field of Neurosurgery to the practice. Dr. Sillay earned a bachelors degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology in electrical engineering. He attended the Medical College of Georgia and completed his residency in Neurological Surgery at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.
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L. Brett Babat
L. Brett BabatMD
Dr. Babat is a graduate of Yale University School of Medicine, where he spent an additional year as a research fellow in Dr. Manohar Panjabi’s spine biomechanics laboratory. His orthopaedic surgery residency was at Brown University, where he also served as a trauma fellow. He then completed a combined neurosurgical and orthopaedic spine fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic.
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Chine Logan
Chine LoganDO
Chine Logan is a graduate of the Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine in Blacksburg, VA. He completed a Master’s Degree in Biomedical Science from Barry University, a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration from Virginia Commonwealth University (Medical College of Virginia) and his internship and residency in Neurosurgery from Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine.
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Ivan Stoev
Ivan StoevMD
Dr. Ivan Stoev is a Board Certified Neurosurgeon who specializes in spine disorders. He earned his medical degree from the University of Miami School of Medicine in 2006, and completed his internship and residency at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri. He completed his neurosurgery spine fellowship at the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital in 2014. Dr. Stoev has also performed extensive research in cell transplants for the treatment of strokes and in new techniques for lumbar spine surgery.
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Christopher Storey
Christopher StoreyMD
Dr. Storey is recognized as a Board Eligible Neurosurgeon by the American Board of Neurological Surgery. After completing Medical School at LSU in Shreveport, Louisiana Dr. Storey went on to complete his Neurosurgical Residency there before moving to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to complete a Surgical Fellowship in Neuroradiology/Endovascular techniques at the Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University.
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Conditions We Treat
Our Surgeons Are Experienced In All Brain, Spine & Nerve Conditions

Nationally Recognized Innovation

Our surgeons are the go-to experts when it comes to Trigeminal Neuralgia and cerebral aneurysms, breaking new ground in both treatment and research.

We Treat Our Patients Like Family

You can rest assured the treatment for you or your family will be given the same care and consideration as we would a member of our own family.

Minimally Invasive Techniques

As a group we pride ourselves in being leaders in minimally invasive surgery, and utilizing the latest technology available.

We Make It A Goal To Be The Best

At Nashville Neurosurgery Associates, we have a sacred commitment to our patients. We provide the highest caliber of care to every person who walks into our office. Our only focus is on finding the treatment best suited to each individual’s needs. We sit on the cutting edge of medical technology, and we are determined to find the most effective treatment that is minimally invasive. We will explore every possibility before going to surgery and you will receive a comprehensive and easy to understand overview of all your options. When you are in our office, you will be treated like family. Our staff is devoted to providing a positive, compassionate, and informative environment that will make you and your loved ones feel safe and cared for.

Frequently Asked Questions

In short, neurosurgery is a branch of medicine specializing in the nervous system. The nervous system includes the brain, spinal cord, and other peripheral nerves that transmit signals from one body part to another. A neurosurgeon focuses on disorders that affect these system. A neurosurgeon is concerned with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of conditions relating to the most complex of body systems. The practice of neurosurgery is divided into even more specialized branches that cover all aspects of the science.

At Nashville Neurosugery Associates, we strive to provide our patients with effective treatments that are minimally invasive. We will explore all alternative treatments before wheeling you into the operating room. Our goal is to get you better quickly and completely, so all surgeries will be pursued with the greatest degree of due diligence and foresight. We are focused on providing the best course of action for each particular case. We make recovery the top priority.

At Nashville Neurosugery, we are devoted to providing the highest quality of care and treatment to each and every one of our patients. Our staff of doctors, nurses, and associates have some of the most extensive credentials in the field with extensive experience in a wide swath of neurological disorders and conditions. We have a tireless commitment to help people. Many of our doctors were called to neurosurgery because they had a loved one who suffered from a neurological condition, and they felt compelled to make a difference.

At Nashville Neurosurgery, we treat all conditions relating to the brain and nervous system. This includes brain tumors, vascular diseases, aneurysms, trigeminal neuralgia, hemifacial spasms, spinal diseases, and peripheral nerve diseases. Our staff has broad experience in all these conditions and we have some of the best specialists in the field for each individual disorder. Our treatments are cutting edge and utilize the most recent advances in medical technology to provide the best care possible for every patient.

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Making an appointment at Nashville Neurosurgery Associates is quick and easy. Contact our offices at (615) 320-0007 to speak directly to an associate, or fill out our form on our website under “Contact.” Just fill in your name, number, email, and questions to get in touch with our fantastic staff. We will get back to you as soon as we can. Our main office is located on 330 22nd Avenue North, Nashville, TN.

For your first appointment, we recommend that you bring your most recent scans and imaging. We need these to make sure we have the most accurate picture for evaluation. If your scan is over six months old be sure to have your primary physician repeat the image study. We will also assess all your history and symptoms using reports from other doctors. Also, please bring your insurance card and referral forms from your insurance provider.

We have insurance specialists on hand to help you determine how much of your procedure will be covered. We will also provide every possible assistance in filing your claims and working with your insurance company. All major credit cards are accepted, including American Express, VISA, MasterCard, and Discover. We can work with company Flex Plans, so check with your employer to see if you qualify. We also accept cash and personal checks.

We at Nashville Neurosurgery are compassionate professionals dedicated to the alleviation, treatment, and prevention of all neurological diseases and disorders. Our staff includes some of the best doctors in the region with a widespread experience that cannot be beat. Each person in our office has a commitment to our patients. We will work tirelessly to help combat disease and make people better. We are a family here at Nashville Neurosurgery, and we strive to serve and protect our patients like they are part of our family.

Hear from patients just like you

Gena Burden

Gena had a condition called trigeminal neuralgia which caused her to have unexplained chronic facial pain for seven years. A friend gave her a recommendation to see Dr. Mericle. “I could tell he was down to earth and he’d sit down and talk to me about anything or any questions I had,” Gena says. After the surgery Gena reports that she feels a lot better. “I smile a lot more!” she says, “I feel like doing more things. I would recommend Dr. Mericle for anything that he does.”

David Mrozinski

For about seven years, David suffered from chronic low-grade lower back pain. An active athletic person, David was concerned when his pain began to prevent him from staying mobile. David needed lumbar fusion surgery. He never had surgery before so the prospect made him nervous. On his first visit, Dave met the staff and Dr. Ulm, who greatly put his mind at ease. “There was no pressure to make a decision on surgery,” he says. “It was amazing just being able to stand up without pain.” In a year Dave was back to playing golf and running marathons.

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