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Acoustic Neuroma.

Acoustic neuromas—also known as vestibular schwannoma—are non-cancerous, slow-growing tumors that occur on the nerve from the inner ear to the brain. This condition affects the vestibular nerve, which is responsible for hearing and balance.

Acoustic Neuroma Symptoms:

Acoustic neuromas are very rare and usually not life-threatening. In certain cases, the tumor may grow large enough to press against the brain. However, usually acoustic neuromas are not life threatening but can cause symptoms that may get worse over time. These include:

• Hearing loss in one ear
• Ringing (tinnitus) in the affected ear
• Dizziness
• Loss of balance

Typically, an MRI is used to diagnose acoustic neuromas. Some patients may require additional tests, like a hearing test.

Acoustic Neuroma Treatment:

Only rarely are acoustic neuromas life-threatening. Some of these tumors may not need immediate treatment and can be closely monitored for changes or growth. However, most acoustic neuromas should be treated, especially if the tumor causes severe symptoms.

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