All the surgeons at Nashville Neurosurgery Associates have extensive experience treating brain tumors and have expertise in both surgical and radiosurgical therapy. Dr. Ulm served as head of Skull base surgery at LSU prior to becoming a founding partner of Nashville Neurosurgery Associates. He has extensive experience with microsurgical anatomy and microsurgical techniques and has been a course instructor at over a dozen meetings where other neurosurgeons attended to learn from his experiences.

Acoustic Neuromas are benign slow growing tumors arising on the nerves of hearing and balance. Symptoms Symptoms may include hearing loss in one ear, ringing (tinnitus) in the affected ear, dizziness, and loss of balance.


The diagnosis is often confirmed with an MRI scan of the brain utilizing contract enhancement. The scan will allow evaluation of the exact tumor location, size, and involvement of adjacent brain structures. Additional tests, to include a hearing test, may be necessary for complete evaluation.


Only rarely do acoustic neuromas pose any immediate threat to life. Some of these tumors may remain dormant or grow slowly over many years and some small tumors can be observed without treatment. However, most acoustic neuromas should be treated, especially if there is documented evidence of growth or if the tumor is causing a significant neurological deficit, usually of hearing or facial function.

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